Some questions that we are often asked :

We are not sure whether to have DVD of our wedding? We often hear, how glad couples are that they are, that they decided to have a video and that they would have regretted it later if they hadn’t. Apart from your family and friends, remember your DVD will allow people who couldn’t attend the wedding to see your special day and one day may be watched by your children and grandchildren!. We can also guarantee there will moments on the DVD that one or both of you missed on the day.

Many couples are understandably hesitant because they think they will constantly have a camera in their face / cameraman wandering around during the ceremony / have heard horror stories etc. We act professionally at all times and operate discreetly and unobtrusively. During our 25 years + we have met most of the photographers who operate in the area and cooperate professionally with them to ensure you, the client, get the best from both your stills and video photography.

How many copies are included with my package? Three copies (DVD or Blu-ray, your choice) are included with all packages. Additional copies are available : DVDs cost £10 each and Blu-Ray discs cost £12 each.
What about cases? One copy is in a padded ‘Our Wedding Day’ presentation case, suitable for the bride and groom. The remaining copies are in custom printed cases.
Can I order Blu-Ray copies? Blu-Ray (hi-definition) copies are available for £15 each.
Can I book by email or telephone? We can provisionally book your date by email or telephone but it is only firm when we have received your deposit of £100. You can pay this by cheque, payable to HD Video Services or you can pay by PayPal but please contact us first to confirm the details.
What about copyright and music? We obtain a copyright licence for your wedding day to cover music recorded live on the day (ceremony, band, disco etc.) It also allows us to dub commercial music afterwards. If you wish to choose your own tracks, please provide us with a list of the title and artist before the wedding day. If we have any difficulty finding the music we will let you know.
What is your privacy policy? No personal information will ever be disclosed to any third parties. For promotional purposes, we may use one or two images and/or video clips from your wedding day on our website or blog but you can request to opt out of this.
Any other questions?   Please use our enquiry form.


What areas do you cover?

Based in North Leeds and regularly covering weddings in Harrogate, York, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Bradford etc, we operate throughout Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. If the journey time from the centre of Leeds is more than one hour, please let us know and we will provide a custom price. We will consider covering weddings in any part of the UK or overseas but longer distances will naturally have to include journey and possibly accommodation expenses.

Why should I have a wedding video?

So many brides tell us that their wedding day passes in a blur. Your wedding video recorded on DVD or Blu-ray disc will allow you to re-live those special moments, see the things that you missed and let friends and relatives at home and around the world share your special day.

What will be included in our wedding video package?

We always use multiple HD Cameras and two operators to ensure every nuance is captured. All footage is fully edited including titles, montage, credits and DVD menu. A copyright licence will be obtained from PPL/MCPS specifically for your wedding. This allows you to choose your favourite tracks to accompany the video on DVD or Blu-ray disc. All weddings include three DVDs or Blu-ray (your choice - no extra for HD). All discs are supplied in custom cases.

Why should I choose H D Video Services?

We have over 20 years experience and many testimonials to prove the quality of our work. With professional HD cameras and through the use of cinematic techniques and equipment, your finished wedding video will really stand out.
We are videographers in Leeds, Yorkshire, producing high quality, cinematic, wedding films in hi-definition on Blu-ray disc as well as SD DVDs.